Prof. Yuk-Lam Lo 盧毓琳教授


  • Senior Director of QuestMark Asia Limited
  • Senior Advisor of QuestMark Capital Management Sdn Bhd


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Professor Lo is a Senior Advisor of QuestMark Capital Management Sdn Bhd and Senior Director of QuestMark Asia Limited.


For three decades, Professor Lo Yuk-lam has endeavored to contribute to the advancement of science and technology in China. His initiatives have resulted in the steady growth and success of the biotechnology industry in Hong Kong. His visionary leadership and patriotic enthusiasm has earned him respect throughout Hong Kong’s business and academic community.


Qualified as a chemist, Professor Lo started his career as a Junior Scientist at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital in Ontario, Canada and advanced to become the Clinical Chemist. In 1979, he joined Bio-Rad Laboratories Canada (Bio-Rad), a company that specializes in reagents and instruments for use in laboratories and hospitals. His dynamic acumen and diligence soon accredited him to being appointed as National Sales & Marketing Director, in a course of five years.


The experience in turn helped in establishing his name and career in the biotechnology field. And by welcoming competitors with open arms, he had created a competitive merit based environment in the trade.


He grew Bio-Rad, Canada’s sales from single to double digit and encouraged the company to expand into Asia. He became the President of Bio-Rad Asia Pacific and established the first office for Bio-Rad in Hong Kong. Thereafter offices were set up in several cities in the Asia-Pacific region. When Professor Lo was recruited by PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences in 2000, he had already firmly established the foundation of Bio-Rad’s Asia-Pacific region with substantial growth in total sales revenue.


As the Asia-Pacific Chairman and President of PerkinElmer, Professor Lo’ s bold expansion strategies and diplomatic partnerships have secured PerkinElmer ’ s place in China. During his time as President, he successfully integrated PerkinElmer Asia and formed a strong customer network. PerkinElmer’s credibility, reputation and performance in the Asia-Pacific region improved continuously, with strong double digit sales growth every year. Besides, he also built up a seasoned and talented senior management team for the company. His immense contributions in PerkinElmer were well recognized internally and externally.


In addition to developing business of multinational companies in Asia, Professor Lo avidly promotes national industry to the global market. As a board member of Sinovac Biotech Company Limited, he participated in the process of obtaining listing in the US in 2006. Professor Lo’s working experience in international companies benefited the whole process and helped the company to implement standard operating procedure, follow international practices of compliance, formulate a complete set of protocols and successfully achieved the results.


Professor Lo is currently serving as the Chairman of the Advisory Council for Food Safety of the Food and Health Bureau HKSAR, an Executive Committee Member of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) and Chairman of the Education Committee of CMA. Professor Lo is also the Honorary Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Bio-Organization. Professor Lo served as chairman of the HKSAR Committee on Biotechnology. He had been appointed a Director of the Hong Kong Applied R&D Fund Co. Ltd., Chairman of the Biotechnology Committee of the Hong Kong Industry & Technology Development Council, and Chairman of Biotechnology Projects Vetting Committee of the Innovation and Technology Fund, HKSAR.


In education, Professor Lo has been elected an Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is also a superintendent of local high schools and holds numerous appointments as honorary professor, honorary fellow, adjunct professor, consultant and advisor in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas universities in the past 10 years.Professor Lo Served as member of the Hongkong Research Grants Council (RGC) which is responsible for advising the needs and funds distribution for academic research projects in Hong Kong ’ s universities. He has organized and supported different fund raising projects and demonstrated great concern for public welfare.


As a Senior Advisor of QuestMark Capital Management Sdn Bhd (QuestMark) and Senior Director of QuestMark Asia Limited (QMA) in 2009, Professor Lo’s knowledge and network in biotechnology and educational industries bridge a lot of business opportunities for QuestMark and QMA in Asia-Pacific Region.


In China, Professor Lo is a Member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Jilin Province, and a Consultant of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of China.


In the business sector, Professor Lo is an Independent Director of Luye Pharma Group Limited (2186.HK), CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited (1093.HK) and Sinovac Biotech Ltd.(NASDAQ: SVA).


In recognition of his leadership in the community and dedication to his field, Professor Lo has received many awards. He was awarded as China’s Top Ten Financial and Intelligent Persons’ for 2007, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to economic development and business innovation in China. In 2008, he received the prestigious World’s Outstanding Chinese Award. In 2000, he was the first to be bestowed with the title of Honorary Fellow by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for his role in establishing Hong Kong’s biotechnology industry. Professor Lo holds an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Management.


Professor Lo’s contribution to the biotechnology industry in Hong Kong has also earned him the title as the father of Hong Kong biotechnology and is invited by several Hong Kong and US listed companies to join as a Board of Director or advisor. He has worked diligently to serve China and intends to continue doing so with full confidence and perseverance.